🌵About me

Growing up on the outskirts of Albuquerque's International District, I've always investigated the details and mechanics of complex built and social ecosystems – which makes sense, given that my dad is a contractor from South Carolina, my mom a generational New Mexican and a social justice and education advocate.

Whether it was the bare bones of a newly framed home, complicated dynamics at the neighborhood association meetings in the elementary school cafeteria, or even the latest chisme from extended family, I watched and listened to it all to soak up as much as I could. My childhood was full of discovery, compassion, service, and dedication to correcting injustices close to home.

It's no wonder that today, I've dedicated my life to

  • eliminating barriers to full, fair participation in society – especially for those least served and most marginalized by its structures;
  • (re)Building systems to stand the test of time... and that work properly;
  • demonstrating integrity through a lifetime of dedication to taking action;
  • solving big problems with big solutions.
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✅ My Record of Impact

Organizing communities since 2001.

I am working on painting a better, more comprehensive picture of the work I've done, my experience, and the impact we've had together. The following are a number of issues on which I have expertise and have actively led and/or closely worked:

Civic Engagement

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Racial Equity

Justice Reform

  • Juvenile Detention Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Reducing Racial & Ethnic Disparities
  • Ban-the-Box legislation
  • LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Legislation

Public Health

  • School-Based Health Center expansion and funding
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • LGBTQ+ Access to Dignity
    – Transgender care coverage from private insurance
    – Safe & Inclusive Bathrooms for All
    – Inclusive Birth Certificate Policies
  • Abortion, Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare Access

Violence Prevention

  • Intimate Partner Violent Death Review Team
  • Gun Violence Prevention
    – Distribution of gun locks
    – Red flag protection order legislation
  • Albuquerque Police reform
    – Police Oversight Board Youth Advisory Council
    – APD & DOJ consent decree


  • Zoning & Development ordinances
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • Transit to Open Space programming
  • Tijeras Watershed Protection
  • Kirtland Air Force Base Jet Fuel Spill
  • Community Asset Mapping


  • Direct Appeals
    – Small donors
    – Major donor relations
  • Online Donation/Conversion UX design
  • Customer Relationship Management database (CRM) implementation
  • Grant writing & Administration
  • Corporate & Foundation Relations


  • Establishment of an Independent Community Newspaper
  • Hyper-local neighborhood news
  • Public television news commentary
  • Media Literacy