County needs diverse solutions for recovery

It’s critical that, in this time of crisis, our leaders think creatively and expansively about what’s possible and what is required of us.


Adrian N. Carver


Mar 7, 2021

Originally published April 29th, 2020 by the Albuquerque Journal.

Growing up in a small working family on the outskirts of the International District in Albuquerque, I remember what moments of uncertainty and crisis felt like – especially when it came to my dad’s small business and how it impacted our financial stability as a family. I also remember how my family united and worked hard to overcome the challenges we faced.

Moments of crisis demand we re-center, renew and strengthen our social contract. The last few weeks have clearly demonstrated New Mexicans are compassionate, resilient and self-determinant as we’ve responded to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Community members like you and I have jumped into action to support health care workers, our families and neighbors in ways we’ve always known were possible. State and local governments have quickly coordinated to create the frameworks for policies to scaffold our health care infrastructure and will be foundational to our recovery. We’ve done all of this by resisting the insidious rhetoric of xenophobia, racism and nationalism. We should be proud.

But now, we have the unique opportunity to demonstrate that, in Bernalillo County, we believe that no matter who you are, what you look like, where you live, who you love, no matter what’s in your wallet, we’re all human. This moment demands that we pull together to ensure everyone can access the care and resources they need without going broke. We will only get through this together, united against those who hope to divide us.

This public health emergency is teaching us some incredible lessons, not least of which is that we’re dependent on each other and we can rely on local and state government to guide us through crises. When we invest in locally generated and responsive solutions, we invest in ourselves. When we push ourselves to leverage significant collective resources, we can create a fair system that treats us all equitably and ensures our well-being.

It’s critical that, in this time of crisis, our leaders think creatively and expansively about what’s possible and what is required of us. I am that kind of leader, and I hope to bring my extensive experience to the Bernalillo County Commission representing District 3. I’m a queer kid from a working-class family who was born and raised in District 3, a public health organizer and a statewide nonprofit executive. I’ve dedicated my life to making our community a more fair place, and I know how policymaking at the federal, state and local levels should work.

That’s why I’ve released a roadmap to resilience and recovery for Bernalillo County in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. My plan includes: strategies to support workers, immigrants, those without shelter and their families; tools to stabilize small and local businesses; strategies to increase safety using legal and justice system interventions; and measures to increase public input and transparency in the way decisions are made during this critical time.

I’m running for County Commission because I believe in the power of local government to make a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. Let’s continue to build upon the recent work we’ve all been doing together by taking action – now – to solidify protections for those who need it most. This is a time to take care of all of us, not a select few of us. The choices we make now will make or break our ability to determine our future together. Now is a time to unite and take action to help our communities begin to thrive.

Please visit my website at www.adriancarver.com to take a deeper dive into my plan to promote interdependence, solidarity, shared purpose and collective action for Bernalillo County.


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