PolicyOur nation is at the bare minimum of a just society

Accepting or tolerating another person is not the same thing as caring about their wellbeing, celebrating their differences, or working to liberate them from discrimination and oppression.

PolicySick leave is key for our families

More than 100,000 employees in Albuquerque, who get sick just like you and we do, have to work sick or lose a day’s pay when they care for themselves or a family member. Some employees risk losing their job if they take a sick day, even if they have something highly contagious or debilitating like the flu.

PoliticsCounty needs diverse solutions for recovery

It’s critical that, in this time of crisis, our leaders think creatively and expansively about what’s possible and what is required of us.

PoliticsGary Johnson is No Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

Across the country and here in New Mexico, opponents of queer liberation and self-determination have re-organized under the guise of “religious freedom advocates.”

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